Parkinson’s disease is a gradual degeneration of nerve cells in the central brain that regulates body movement. These diseases include chronic and long-term illness.

Parkinson’s can also be called shaking palsy is a way of prolonged progressive conditions associated with motor function and a number of disorders, the first Parkinson’s disease was discovered in 1817 by Dr. James Parkinson’s with symptoms that often encounter is tremor. The study found that Medical Cannabis also can be used to treat tremors and improve motor skills in patients affected by Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is caused by a lack of dopamine in the brain that causes brain activity to function normally, the cause of dopamine degradation is unknown, but several factors can trigger dopamine reduction:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Environmental factors

There are several other factors that cause the emergence of the main symptoms but does not mean people who experience these symptoms suffer from Parkinson’s disease, the symptoms are:

  • Side effects of drugs
  • Another progressive brain aberration

Parkinson’s disease attacks in different ways, these differences are formed because of the symptoms experienced vary, This symptom initially appears quite mild and may be overlooked, but the longer it worsens.

Here are some common symptoms in Parkinson’s patients include;

  1. Tremor, tremors that are not controlled, usually these symptoms appear one part of the body, especially the hands and fingers.
  2. Bradykinesia or slow movement, after a while this disease will reduce the coordination of your body grass and become slower to do simple things will be difficult.
  3. Impaired balance, Pendrita will experience balance disruption  so more risk to fall.
  4. Changes in speech, how to talk Parkinson sufferers can be gentle, quick, vague and even hesitated before speaking.
  5. Difficulty writing, Patients will have difficulty writing and writing will appear smaller than normal.
  6. Depression and anxiety attacks, because there is no drug to cure Parkinson’s, this condition can make people feel depressed worried about his future.
  7. Sleep disorders or insomnia.
  8. Dizziness, blurred vision and even fainting, this happens because of the sudden drop in blood pressure.

Please note, not all Parkinson’s sufferers experience all the above symptoms, there are some people with Parkinson’s who only experience mild symptoms and do not interfere with daily activities.

Parkinson’s treatment is focused to relieve symptoms in order to perform daily activities as much as possible.

Therapy for Parkinson’s

Here are some recommended therapies to help relieve symptoms:

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Food menu changes
  3. Speech Therapy

The following are medications that can be given to people with Parkinson’s:

  • Levodopa
  • Dopamine agonists
  • Monoamine oxidase-b inhibitors (MAO-B)
  • Catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor (COMT)