The term ‘dizziness’ has varying meanings for each individual: some people use it to describe a head that is painful or loss of balance, while others use it to describe the feeling as if everything around him feels rotating. You can find a variety of dizziness medications for various types of dizziness in any pharmacy or drug store, even if you are already very confused you can find online pharmacies such as “canadian pharmacy” so you don’t have to go to buy medicine.

Because the symptoms that arise vary and can be caused by various factors, finding ways to stop or prevent dizziness can be a process that you can do. Here are some steps you can try to stop feeling dizzy.

  1. Eliminate dizziness quickly Sit or lie down. Dizziness or a light head usually hits when you stand or walk a lot. When there are signs of dizziness or a head that suddenly feels light, immediately sit or lie down. This action can usually relieve the sensation of spinning and is safer if you suddenly fall. If you sit down, try putting your head between your legs. This position works to increase blood flow to your brain. Lying will have the same effect. Keep sitting or lying down for 1-2 minutes, or until the dizziness disappears.
  1. Drink water. Dizziness is often also due to dehydration. Dehydration generally occurs due to lack of water intake or forget to hydrate the body after exercise. This can also be a problem when you suffer from an illness that results in vomiting, diarrhea or fever, so you lose a lot of fluids. After severe dizziness has passed, you must drink more water or other fluids. If you have a hard time drinking lots of water, try drinking other fluids such as energy drinks, hot tea with a little sugar, soup, and broth, or fruit juice.
  1. Eat something. Dizziness can also occur because of low blood sugar levels, especially often experienced by people with diabetes. When dizziness strikes, try eating a snack, preferably something high in carbohydrates or sugar. Chocolate or banana can be the right choice.
  2. Focus on a certain point. To prevent the feeling of spinning when dizzy attack, some dancers focus their eyes at a certain point. The same technique can be used by people who are attacked by dizziness. Focusing on a certain point can awaken the senses that you are not really spinning.
  1. Take a deep breath. Dizziness can sometimes also be a symptom due to anxiety attacks. Often when anxiety strikes, you feel like you can’t breathe. But what actually happens is that you breathe too much and often. If this happens, try to take a deep breath slowly. This action will calm you down and reduce dizziness.
  2. Avoid bright light. If you are attacked by dizziness, try to avoid too bright lights, television light or a laptop. Bright light can cause confusion and worsen the dizziness you experience. Try sitting or lying in a dark room, or you can close your eyes for one or two minutes.