Busy couples who both work sometimes feel they don’t have time to have sex. Whether it’s not suitable for the time or because it’s tired after work and taking care of the child.

According to sexologist Nikki Goldstein, a busy couple who complained of not having time was not due to loss of sexual desire. But because they have no energy to have sex. You can try Generic Viagra to increase the passion in the bed. Just visit the Canadian Pharmacy Online to order it.

“To be able to get the passion to make love again, why not try making love at a different time than this has been done,” suggested Nikki to news.com.au.

In addition, try also to do three other things that can be tried so that the sex is burning again.

1. Set sleep time

Maybe you and your partner are tired, it doesn’t matter if tonight sleep so that tomorrow’s energy will return. The body that is back in shape makes the busy couple re-energize in activities, including sex.

2. Weekends as a time to make love

On weekends, more free time, so there’s no reason to miss sex. Many couples choose weekends because they feel more enjoying than normal days.

3. Don’t be confused, bedtime is not the same as when making love

Sex is not only on the bed, making love can be done anywhere, including in the bathroom. After all, trying a new lovemaking location will also make your hot session more exciting.