Roofing Questions to Ask a Roofer before Hiring Them

Are you planning for hiring a roofer? If you are, here are some questions that you should ask so you can get the best result.

Are you licensed?

Many states require a roofer be licensed in the state. However, each state has different regulations. Indeed. One code may be required in one area, while another area will require different code. What can you do, then? Well, we recommend you to research the code requirements in your area. If contractors, including roofers, are required to be licensed in your state, your best option is to only work with those who are. By doing so, you have some recourse in case things go wrong. And, don’t forget to ensure that the license is up to date.

Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?

Previously, employers who have three or fewer employees don’t have to offer workman’s compensation insurance. Now, they do by law. That being said, some contractors and roofers will not abide this requirements. The reason is because the insurance isn’t cheap. And some would rather take their chances.

The problem is, when the chance is taken on your property and an employee becomes injured. When you hire a company that doesn’t offer employees’ workman’s compensation and someone gets injured on your property, you will be the one responsible for paying for medical bills. This is, of course, a loss no homeowner wants to incur. If you want to protect yourself, make sure that the company you hire insures each worker that will be present on your property.

Do you carry general liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers your actual property. For instance, if a contractor accidentally burns down your house in the process of welding something on your roof and the company doesn’t carry liability insurance, you will be the one responsible for covering the debts incurred by the accident. So, ask to see an insurance certificate. Make sure all of your property is covered. Call the insurance company and ask, if you hesitate.