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    1. 產品適用于紅磚、灰砂磚、加氣塊等相互連接的界面劑。

    2. 也適合于批刮白水泥、石膏。

    3. 適用于瓷磚粘貼。

    4. 適用于墻面拉毛處理。

    5. 適用于保溫層的批刮。

    6. 適用于墻面找平。


    1.Products are suitable for the red brick, lime sand brick, aerated block interface agents are connected with each other.

    2.Is also suitable for scraping white cement, gypsum.

    3.Suitable for tile paste.

    4.Applies to the wall surface galling treatment.

    5.Suitable for thermal insulation layer scraping.

    6.Suitable for metope leveling.

    7.Suitable paste in polypropylene polymer fiber membrane.